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What is the Toolbox?

The Toolbox is a small compendium in order to help people to start their life with Jesus. You will find a little roadmap for taking the next steps and practical suggestions to enter into a personal, lively and exciting relationship with Jesus. This booklet you can always carry with you, no matter whether in print or electronic form. It contains links to resources supporting your quest of growing in Christ, like bible apps or videos. You will be introduced to some popular bible translations, reading plans and other helpful, creative thoughts and inspirations for spending time with God.

While the (Young) Kickstart course is most effective when worked through in a small group setting, the Toolbox will assist you in developing your very personal relationship with God. Therefore it can be seen as a complement for the (Young) Kickstart course.


Small PDF file
This file is available as download for free. Can be viewed on smartphone, tablet or PC.

Print version
Of course I personally distribute printed versions of the Toolbox where I am teaching. Because I do not have a shop I ask you to contact me via email in case your are interested in printed versions. Usually you will save money bei requesting a printer’s copy and printing your own edition via online printing comany.

Printer’s copy file (PDF)
Because of distribution costs and missing logistics I would rather send a printer’s copy file (PDF) to you. Then you can print your own edition of any size for your church or ministry via online printing company, as long as adaption need is moderate. Usually this is much more affordable. Please contact me via email.

Video tutorials
For every chapter the video playlist provides a kind of tutorial. They can be used in addition to the Toolbox (PDF or printed version).


file format: PDF

video playlist Toolbox (en)

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