What would a letter from God to you look like?

Find out!

What is it about?

This little flyer is trying to present the best story of the world in form of a letter. After experiencing God in many ways, I was interested in an answer to the following question:

The Bible can be called the letter of God to mankind. It is long, extensive and deals with many aspects of life. But what would a letter from God look like that is focusing only on the centerpiece of it? Here you can see the result I came up with.

The printed version of the booklet and the PDF file are both suitable to be given to everyone who is open to coming into contact with something new.


The PDF file is available as download for free. In addition to that you will also find printed versions being used in different places. On the last page you find the address of my church. You may also get different versions. Please, just contact me via email.

Small PDF file
adapted address field, for viewing on smartphone, tablet, PC

Large PDF file (printer’s copy)
adapted address field, suitable for printing your own edition via online printing company

Printed versions
Please contact me via email, since I do not run a shop. Usually printing your own edition via online printing company will be much more affordable.


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