We will never ever find full life, joy and peace unless its inventor has become our father.

Thomas Pilger

About this website

Welcome to the website of Thomas Pilger. Everything here revolves around life with Jesus Christ. For this purpose I have created various training and teaching materials, sometimes I write blogs on relevant topics or even compose songs.


Some projects and resources here might help with the start into faith, others serve the continuous growth as a follower of Jesus Christ.

If you just dropped in here and have any questions about faith, God, life … feel free to give me a note using the contact form below.

I just dropped by...

You have no connection with God, Jesus or faith at all? But you are interested in finding out what this might be all about. You might want to give “A Letter for You” a try. Here you will get some clarity on why and how to connect with God.

Building a relationship with God...

You don’t want religious and lifeless rituals or checklists. Instead you are looking for a daily, personal and fulfilling relationship with God that will stand the test of daily life and challenges. In this case the “Toolbox” could be a vital help.

Growing in faith in a practical way with others ...

You want to get a good foundation of faith and put into practice what Jesus taught with others. Then you should check out the main project for discipleship, “Young Kickstart”. Straight forward with practical exercises.

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