Jesus wanted followers

and no fans or admirers.

– according to Kyle Idleman –

So, let’s kickstart!

What is Young Kickstart?

Young Kickstart is a discipleship course of faith. It is addressing people who have either decided to follow Jesus Christ and now want to grow radically into a supernatural lifestyle, or those who have a fundamental interest to learn more about Jesus. It is already suitable for young people (from about 11-13 years).


Young Kickstart, starting with version 2.0, is integrated into a system for small groups (D-Groups = Discipleship Groups) of two or more people. These are designed to multiply and empower each individual, in turn, to train others in the faith. The 12 units form a basic framework and then move into a practical Bible study for small groups. Crucially, practical application plays a major role throughout. This corresponds to Jesus’ mission of “listen and do”.


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